Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dick Farrel WBDF Radio and Josh Cohen proud of their actions ? is what does Gulf Steam think of this?

A very Scary Person that according to Muggy Cat aka ? WBDF Radio and her own words along with them and GulfSteam Park is listed as a Sponsor on the WBDFRadio.com - hates Catholics, Christians, Muslims, and Homosexuals - it is just a matter of time before WBDF Radio - Leah Lax use the "N" word for African Americans - which according to WBDFRadio.com GulfStreams Park is a Sponsor of these thoughts

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Victim of Janice Wolk Grenadier and he don't Give a SHIP!

Just like me, as well as Josh and all the other 30 people  ( 30 people against one WOW ) who have a hand in writing this blog, Janice we dont give a SHIP if you like it or not. Freedom of Speech! Maybe you should shut your mouth while your ahead rather then try to silence me like the Libertard you are. You must be a  Closest Obama follower or as I like to call it a Closet Liberal because you are not a lady. The Constitution allows us freedom of speech and while I still have it, you fat bitch I will express it.

Let me make this perfectly clear I am Jewish. I am not a female and you have no proof and your blog is poorly written and thought out like the dumb ass broad you are. Your spelling and grammer is friggen lacking. You sound like white trailer trash. So garbage that is in goes out.

Now the funny part is, Janice Wolk Grenadier admitted in her own blog that she is a lesbian. We, since we are Anonymous, have noticed that you lovingly posted Hillary's picture and blotting out all information about your homosexuality proves that Janice Wolk Grenadier is a lesbian but also homophobic at the same time. Like the Libtard that you are, you are still hiding in the closet. God bless Adam and Steve and Alice and Eve. Since you didn't deny the fact, it proves you don't like The Cock but you like The Cooch and your breath smells like rotten fish.

As an investagative reporter, I have seen many things and I know a lie when I read/hear one. When I saw Janice Wolk Grenadier in her videos having multiple orgasms and creaming her panties that she was on her way to get Ilona, I knew immediately that you got your rocks off on Anti-Semitic slurs. I also noticed the hairs on your chinny chin chin when you huffed and you puffed to try to blow your ex-mother in law's house down but it didn't work. In fact it made you look crazier and crazier because no normal person would act like you do. No wonder your kids don't want anything to do with you. It seems like the genes of your daughters have more Jewish DNA than Cat-lick DNA because they have more class than their mother. The DNA is Israeli whether Janice likes it or not.

As far as Janice Wolk Grenadier's nasty vicious ugly comment about African Americans and the use of the N-Word, it shows that she has used that word in the past to describe African American citizens and shows a lack of character as well as deems her to be a Racist. I am wondering now, because Loretta Miller is from Egypt, which is part of Africa, is Janice calling her the N-Word? Now we have proof that Janice Wolk Grenadier does not only hate Jews but she also hates African Americans, Jewish African Americans, Asian Africans, Middle Eastern Africans, European Africans and anyone else who does not agree with her insane mentality and philosophy.

You can tell that Janice Wolk Grenadier is an uneducated, socially stunted woman who is impertinant, scandalous and fabricates lies, stories, and conspiracies and tells them so many times that the lies she created and believes have become the truth in her own Wonderland. She is a pathological liar and can't distinguish the truth from a lie.

Reliable sources from within Anonymous told a newscaster that Janice Wolk Grenadier enjoys slandering, threatening, and bullying Jews so that she could get her way. Janice Wolk Grenadier has threatened to call the FCC on this esteemed and goodlooking newscaster who has charm, grace and charisma. Maybe Janice Wolk Grenadier should take lessons from this newscaster who she harassed and haranged. He even ended up telling her to signal him when her rantings were over. He too is Jewish and dislikes Nazis.

Muggy Cat is all 30 of us and we are Anonymous and truth seekers.


  1. Janice Wolk Grenadier can't keep her stories straight. I bet you are afraid to let this comment to be posted. You are nothing more than a coward. You sit behind a computer and judge people. You are a stalker and psycho. Personally I don't care what you do, no one gives a ship. I'm just having more fun making fun of you loser. You should know that your lies are gonna hang you!

  2. muggy cat - hiding behind a picture - doesn't have the balls to say who he is - All should assume Muggy Cat is Leah Lax aka Loretta Lax Miller Presidential Candidate for 2016 as the e-mails to the FBI and to me show they are in collusion if not the same person?