Sunday, December 29, 2013

Leah Lax - in collusion by all appearance with WBDR, the Press - have filed a false report with the FBI - riddled with LIES

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You and WDBR radio supporting Lea Lax couldn't be more crazy - I had already  contacted the FBI and the City of Alexandria police in concern for Leah Lax through e-mail as well as the Commonwealth Attorney cc'd in the e-mail -  I also have it in e-mail to the FBI information I was able to find.  I am not the stalker here nor did I ever reach out to any of you first - you did this and you don't have the balls to say who you are - 

JW Grenadier


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Sirs  of the fbi I am an uncover investing report who has under coverd a hate crime with this person janice wolk grenadie. at 15 W Spring St Alexandria Va she has been harassing judges and esteemed attorney's he blogs show it clearly this is a hate crime since she mentions jew quite frequently. She has tried to blackmail a candidate who is  registered with the FEC and this person also has a PCA called the I America PCA not registered with the FEC and she is collecting money for this. Her business is out of her home and she has no business license registered with the city of Alexandria or the commonwealth of Virginia. She is stalking State Federal Judges , Senators, Congresspeople, Mayor, city council, and she committed a crime of Fraud with Earnest money in a real estate scam where she had her license removed, She is also a pathological liar.
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So who are you?  Do you have the balls to say?  AND AGAIN WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO ILONA?  Our are you to chicken to say?

I don't think the FBI is smart enough to look at the Documents - and know the TRUTH - 
(this should have been - I think the I am having trouble with someone hacked into everything - e-mail, computer, etc - so thinks just seem to change at time)

JW Grenadier

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fbi agent black mail and stalking by this person press charges

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Maybe now they will also look into you : )

JW Grenadier

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ha ha ha they know who you are. they have a long list of complaints from judges and attorneys

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Maybe you can share with the FBI who you really are - 

JW Grenadier

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hello janice

i have been following you for about 1/2 year and i find your story amazing.  i can relate to these jews attacking you and we need to do something about getting these hebs out of our christian country.

these hebs are nothing but trouble makers who have been kicked out of countries in europe    you as an attorney are on the right track . we should all buy guns to defend ourselves against these money grubbing kikes and fnish the jewish solution.

im all for you kid
in the name of jesus christ our savior bless you and merry christmas
billy sullivan

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