Sunday, December 29, 2013

This e-mail shows the collusion between Leah Lax - the press - WDBF Radio to Bully Janice Wolk Grenadier for Ilona Ely Freedman Grenadier Heckman - Is this the best the Democrats have to offer for 2016? Scary!

Leah Lax / Loretta Lax Miller write in Candidate for President of the United States of America along with the Press
Waste the time and make a FOOL of the FBI

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fbi agent   black mail and stalking by this person  press charges
In a message dated 12/29/2013 12:37:40 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Maybe now they will also look into you : )

ha ha ha  they know who you are. they have a long list of complaints from judges and attorneys
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Maybe you can share with the FBI who you really are -
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let me get out the smallest violin and play it. you need help and janice is paranoid too are you drunk most of the time?or on drugs?.everyone is not a nice person but you. and you go after the people who piss you off , dont agree with you and YOU stalk them. i am the press!  no i am going to make it public you are crazy and go after innocent people.what do you have 20-30 people on your  the list 1/2 dont even know you 1 who became your victim because she is running for office and a  jews. you made it very clear she is dirt. you dont know her you never met her i did and she is a lovely lady. she directed the goy comment to you and to you only. she called you stupid because you are. she said you are thick headed because you are! you also said "and a stupid moment with those e-mails"  you lost it not her. you went over board to insanity.

you have not proven  "she dislikes Catholics, Christians, Muslims" where is it written, you make claims. take things out of context and lie. you are a pathological liar and i am going to tell everyone at the news room and send a press release out  to every new outlet to ignore you and treat you how they should by ignoring you.

and by the way i am going as a witness for loretta lax miller when she sues you for defamation and slander. you are right other people have done this and haven't pressed charges yet and yet is the word just  because you declared chapter 13 or 11 defamation and slander is not covered by this bankruptcy laws and  loretta will go after you.she is collecting information and has a arm full with witness this includes your virginia law 2010 blogs, leah lax blogs and your face book virginia law. this women loretta lax miller has done more for the america by exposing obama going after him in the eligibility cases. exposing hillary clinton with huma abedin her chief adviser and a member of the muslim sisterhood which is a branch of the muslim brotherhood and if you are for Islamic laws in the USA then you dont love this country and you are unamerican. she is sticking her neck out for people like you! but you know lady one day you will pick on the wrong person who is not peaceful and it will be karma.

what you wrote about loretta lax miller is malicious intent to incite people. but let me tell you what she told me. with lemons your make lemonade. because of you she has more hits on her webpage and donations are coming in . so what you did did the opposite.

not billy sullivan

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Subject: i agree with you

hello janice

i have been following you for about 1/2 year and i find your story amazing.  i can relate to these jews attacking you and we need to do something about getting these hebs out of our christian country.

these hebs are nothing but trouble makers who have been kicked out of countries in europe    you as an attorney are on the right track . we should all buy guns to defend ourselves against these money grubbing kikes and fnish the jewish solution.

im all for you kid

in the name of jesus christ our savior bless you and merry christmas

billy sullivan

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